External Hard Drive Support Coming for Xbox One


External Hard Drive Support Coming for Xbox One
Future update to bring support for more storage as well as friend notification improvements...

Following the launch of the latest Xbox One update ahead of the release of Titanfall next week, Microsoft's Marc Whitten has confirmed that the company is working hard to further improve the user experience of the console, with support for external storage and refinements to the friend notification system next on the agenda.

We value all of the feedback we're getting from you.We know external hard drive storage is another big one on your list, It's on our list too. We're working on that for a future update and will keep you posted.We're working on friends notification improvements and experimenting with how to make that better.

Just as we do with Xbox 360, we'll be continuing regular updates to Xbox One: some will be big, like this March update, and some will be smaller. Big or small, we're committed to delivering continuous innovation through system updates like this one.

This news will definitely be good news for anyone who's been finding their 500GB hard drive getting a little too close to capacity for comfort, so the sooner this release gets rolled out the better!

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