Mercenary Kings on PS4 Gets Dated


Mercenary Kings on PS4 Gets Dated
Mark your calendars for April 1st for North American players and April 2nd for Europeans

The ludicrously entertaining Mercenary Kings makes its way to Sony's PlayStation 4 next month, with a confrimed launch date of April 1st in North America and April 2nd in Europe. The game, a side scrolling shooter, made its debut on PC last year and has gained quite a following along the way thanks to its old school gameplay, retro graphics and surprising depth.

Developed by Tribute Games, Mercenary Kings is the latest in a long line of indie titles making its way to the PlayStation 4 since it launched back in November of last year. Already the console has seen titles like the PlayStation exclusives Flower, Sound Shapes and Dead Nation launch on the platform, while multi-platform titles including Don't Starve and Super Motherload have bolstered the lineup and delighted fans across the globe.

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