Most of Titanfall's 48GB PC Install is Audio - Respawn


Most of Titanfall's 48GB PC Install is Audio - Respawn
PC gamers feeling the pinch on their bandwidth have audio to blame...

With a whopping installation size of 48GB, the PC version of Titanfall boasts one of the biggest footprints in gaming history - and that's all down to the huge amount of audio in the game according to developer Respawn Entertainment. In an interview with website Eurogamer, the company's Lead Engineer, Richard Baker, has confirmed that the use of uncompressed audio in the game is to blame for the gigantic install size.

Rather than compressing its audio like many games, the development team opted instead for the additional clarity and quality provided by uncompressing files on the user's hard drive, and the installation includes an astonishing 35GB of it - meaning that the rest of the game weighs in at a far more reasonable 13GB, modest by today's standards.

We have audio we either download or install from the disc, then we uncompress it.We probably could've had audio decompress off disc, but we were a little worried about minimum spec and the fact that a two-core machine would dedicate a huge chunk of one core to just decompressing audio.

So, it's almost all audio. On a higher PC, it wouldn't be an issue. On a medium or moderate PC, it wouldn't be an issue. It's that on a two-core [machine] with where our min spec is, we couldn't dedicate those resources to audio.

So there you have it, if Titanfall has managed to eat up most of your free space, you can aim your blame machine at those with ageing hardware, because it's all their fault!

Most of Titanfall`s 48GB PC Install is Audio - Respawn on