Need for Speed Most Wanted Wii U Failure Down to Publishers


Need for Speed Most Wanted Wii U Failure Down to Publishers
Strong words from Burnout creator and Need for Speed: Most Wanted developer Alex Ward

Although the Wii U's version of Need for Speed Most Wanted is arguably the best, it seems like neither Nintendo nor EA were all that interested in making the game a success - at least according to Burnout creator and game developer Alex Ward on Twitter.

Speaking with fans, Ward waspulling no punches about where his blame lies regarding the port's poor performance and availability. In a string of candid tweets about the affair, Ward claims that while the team did everything in its power to deliver the best possible game for fans, they were fighting a losing battle from day one. Things started to heat up when Ward was accused of not wanting to support the Nintendo hardware, to which he responded...

Totally wrong. I did. Second, I complained when the company didn't even bother to press the discs with our game on. [The development team]worked our arses off. Neither [Nintendo] or EA gave a s*** about it. A group of us did try. Bitch and moan at the publishers not the developers.

We just did the coding.Like we had any choice over when it was released? Or the price? Everyone is so quick to blame the developers. Folks worked through New Year to deliver that. We tried to do our best. We even flew to [Nintendo] to personally demo in a bid for [marketing] support. There was none. The game was not even physically released initially in Europe. Members of the team could not even buy their own game.

Stuff like that pissed me off hence I left EA and have started my own company using my savings. So seeing as our families won't eat if we f*** up, we will choose our platforms carefully.NFSU is certainly NOT the main reason I left EA [though]. It's two years ago and much water has passed under the bridge since. I just care about great games.

Ward is now heading up Three Fields Entertainment alongside fellow Criterion Games co-founder Fiona Sperry, and the company is currently in the process of recruiting staff for what will be the studio's first title.

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