PlayStation Home Getting Trophies This Week


PlayStation Home Getting Trophies This Week
Virtual world to get virtual trophies to make its virtual denizens feel virtually great

Although the PlayStation 4 is now Sony's flagship gaming platform, the company hasn't forgotten about the 85 million or so PlayStation 3 owners still out there - particularly not those who enjoy partaking in a bit of anonymous virtual socializing on its PlayStation Home service - with the announcement of Trophy support finally making its way to the virtual world.

The hub's latest update, version 1.86, goes live globally tomorrow, March 12th, and it'll add Trophy support for the first time in its history, something that's sure to delight its millions of dedicated users.

Sony has even gone one step further than just adding the support for present and future Trophies, and has also confirmed that there'll be retroactive accomplishments ready to be unlocked once users get the update downloaded and installed on their systems.

If you've got a PlayStation 3 but have so far managed to miss out on the Home experience, it's definitely worth checking out - and the prospect of bulking up your trophy collection simply makes the excursion all the more enjoyable (if you're so inclined).

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